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We specialize in customs clearance formalities, both for export and import from and to all countries.

We also handle all Special Economic Regimes such as :

    • Transit to the hinterland
    • Temporary Exports and Imports
    • Re-export following special admission
    • Passive Improvements (PP) and Active
    • Improvements (PA),
    • Setting up bonded warehouses
    • The entire range of INF documents 1 to 9
      Special diets

We finally deal with:

    • Quotes for your operations
    • Validations (for those who do not have the CAMCIS code like us)
    • Pre-clearances
    • Monitoring of operations
    • The attachment of the BESC
    • Ship reservations
      Chartering and loading of goods
    • Goods Exchange Declarations (DEB), for French companies buying or selling within the European Union,
    • Establishment of Import Licenses
    • Preparing Community Transit T1 – T2 and TIR (International Road Transit) documents
    • Customs clearance of motor vehicles (cars, trucks, tractors, etc.). For export and import.
      The implementation of PDD (Home Customs Clearance Procedure)

So if customs clearance formalities seem insurmountable, complicated, or take up valuable time because you are not a specialist, simplify customs clearance and contact us, we will be able to respond effectively to your needs.

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